A nu_be’s video-aural experience by Longform London

“Scent is one of the last frontiers of experience. Scientists are just beginning to understand how scent works: how elements use quantum-tunneling to connect with our receptors, with our minds, our emotions.
nu_be explodes the expectations of what a scent can be. Helium, Hydrogen, Lithium take us back to the fundamentals - mixing new narratives, new forms, with you at the centre.”

Longform London, 2012

Always seeking new narratives which can translate perfumes by different kinds of media, nu_be commissioned to Longform London, the creative agency directed by Yannakis Jones and Stephanie Frost Symonds, the development of an interactive film series about its scents.

The first three perfumes of the collection have been transposed in an audio-aural experience. It deals with a film generator, able to compose several fragments in a final clip, thanks to the user’s choice, on the basis of a palette made by different atmospheres and moods.

We present here some examples of final edits, for each of the first three nu_be’s elements.